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  Football is the most popular sport in the world, many teenagers take it as their career and they work on it with their passion. It is known to all that American people love sports so much and there are many excellent athletes there. However, soccer in America is not that popular.


  When talking about American football, people will naturally think about the special equipment, such as in the American movies, people have to wear helmet to protect themselves. American football is different from soccer. Soccer is not that popular in United States as people in other nations have played. Many American people even don’t know the rules. Especially for the older people, they show little interest in it.


  But the situation gets better for the young generation, many teenagers show much interest in soccer and their families give them great support. Soccer starts to become popular expression, which means the mothers drive the children to play game. American football team had made great improvement in the last World Cup. In the coming great match, more and more American public show much attention to it.



  Recently, the Time has announced the Person of the Year in its cover. Five women from different fields appeared in the cover, who were called the silence breakers. The reason they were chosen to win the honor was their courage to fight for women’s right.


  Not long ago, many famous actress in Hollywood stood out and accused the famous director of attacking them. Later, more and more actresses had announced that they were harassed and gave great supported to those girls to tell their bad experience. This directors harassed many actresses in more than thirty years by the power he owned. But more male actors were exposed to take advantages of actresses. What a horrible situation.


  It has been long advocated that men and women is equal. Women always fight for the same pay and right as men and they have made the improvement, but actually, in many fields, men still suppress women. As more and more female get united and fight for their rights, men must realize the importance of giving respect to women. The rise power of women is the advance of human society.



  Before we go to college, the first important choice to make is the major. Most high school students don't have idea about what they want to learn, so they listen to their parents'opinion. Some will regret as they learn the major. The option of major deserves to think twice.


  The most important factor is interest. During the four years, learning the specialized knowledge must be with passion, or students will feel lost and waste the precious time to improve themselves. As the saying that interest is the best teacher, a lot of successful persons start their career with their passion. They use what they learn in the college and make a great difference.


  For some students, they prefer to choose the major that the market needs. Actually, it is the hot choice, because they still can keep their interest as hobby. When they learn the hot skills, which help them to win opportunity in the job market, they combine the job with their hobby and come up with creative ideas.


  The major we choose occupies great importance, but it will not surely decide your future job. When we find the balance between interest and reality, we will succeed someday.



  China has a history of more than five thousand years, which makes its culture profound. The variety of culture always attracts the foreigners to come to visit China. Chinese costume is very special and its feature is always added in the foreign style. cheongsam is the classic Chinese costume and full of charm.


  Cheongsam has been the representation of Chinese traditional style. Many foreign ladies will dress cheongsam to show respect in the great occasions. Such as the great competition of Miss World, Chinese beauty will dress cheongsam to show the world in Chinese style. Cheongsam makes a lady's body shape looks so attractive, and men will be attracted by the women's charm.


  In the fashion week, more and more Chinese features have been seen. Cheongsam style is favored by a lot of famous designers. They combine their own fashion with cheongsam style, presenting the world the beauty of female's body and the charm of Chinese costume style. As more and more foreigners become interested in Chinese culture, they have the strong desire to know the real China.



  In the long time, people keep the belief from their ancestors, such as the superstition in number. Both China and western countries have their superstition about the bad numbers. They believe that it is better to avoid those numbers, otherwise bad luck will happen any time.


  In China, the number 4 is believed to be the worst number, because it sounds like death in mandarin. Many businessmen avoid using 4 just to keep bad luck away. In the hotel, people barely see fourth floor, because the third floor just skip to fifth floor directly, so if people see the fourth floor, they will feel uncomfortable.


  In the west, the number 13 is believed to be as bad as the number 4 in China. Western people think that if the day 13 happens in Friday, it must be the unlucky day, so they call it Black Friday. They try to stay at home to avoid bad luck happening. Whenever they see 13 in that day, they feel panic.


  There is no evidence to show the existence of bad number, the young generation don’t take it seriously. They just do their routines and ignore the superstition.